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We're Getting Hitched!!
I just spent an hour and a half working on the guest/address list. THEN I didn't SAVE. Yes, it asked me if I'd like to save, but I thought it was a different document that I didn't care about saving.

Oh well.

I feel like the STD's are never going to get sent out. By the time they do it'll be time to send the invitations. I can't wait for that, if this have been such a frea
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Ok, so I'm supposed to be doing homework... but I'm feeling a little guilty that we've had this thing online since December, and yeah.... Sniffles has been doing all this work for the wedding and I'm just a big homework and wedding slacker.

The other day was my brother's wedding reception. Out of the blue (after 11 years....) they practically woke up one day, went to the justice of the peace, and got married.

I'm really, really happy that they finally did their deal. I guess my big brother had to get married before his little sister. There's a bit of dimming of the limelight that has us mildly disappointed, but it's countered with joy... so it's all good.

But, I guess the best news is that we had a preview of how receptive my family is of our unioin, because it was the talk of the night.
Everyone was totally cool... except for this once very close aunt of mine who was never officially told by me... and she's been avoiding my phone calls for months. But, yesterday she left me a voicemail... so I think she'll come around.

It also gave Sniffles an opportunity to meet some family members that she hadn't been introduced to.

The really big plus was the calming of my nerves. They all behaved themselves angelically (even people I was worried about...) so it bodes well for our event as well. In all... a good time, and a great stepping stone into ours.

There have been no signs of Bridezilla out of Sniffles. Phew.
Planning a ceremony... at least for us... is analogous to how our relationship works.

It goes something like this-
Sniffles: "So what do you think of this?"
We proceed to discuss pros and cons until it's all out there.

Me: "Ok Sniffles, we absolutely need to have X decided on before Y date. We're taking entirely too long on this part."
And then we discuss what we know so far, and make a mutually agreeable decision.

If our wedding planning goes as well as everything else we endeavor, then I'm not worried in the least.

My main concern is my mother, since she's the unknown variable that can make or break an event.
If she's fully medicated and in a good mood... everything's kosher.
If not... it's "The Perfect Storm" in human form.

Thus far, my mother actually asks me how the planning is going. My mother is the type to talk about herself and not bother to ask how you're doing. For her to stop and listen is a huge sign of how happy she is. My brother told me that she had said she wasn't sure about a big gay wedding, but that she really likes Sniffles so it's all good. We shall see.

Wow... it's weird going on and on about this... so I'm going to stop now.
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We set a date pretty shortly after I proposed. It seemed to take forever to start the planning, but I think we are well under way now and making pretty good progress. Here's a few details so far.

Ceremony Site: http://www.carriagetradefarm.com/outdoor_weddings.htm. We both love the outdoors and wanted to find something fairly close to home, but natural. The farm is really close to Brandywine Falls a beautiful spot in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Reception Site: http://www.cvnpa.org/weddings-in-cuyahoga-valley-national-park.php. When we decided on the farm, we thought it would be cool to keep as close to the outdoor theme with the reception site, so we started looking around the park and found that you can rent spaces right in the park! The actual site is November Lodge, there are pictures of it on the page I linked to. It's actually an Environmental Education Center in a cool spot in the park. So it totally keeps true to our "Nature Theme".

Food: The reception site has a few approved caterers (you can use your own for another $300) and I've been emailing one back and forth. Hopefully we can set up a time to meet with him soon. He seems cool and like he'll work both with our preferences and our budget. He tries to use mostly organic and local ingredients, which is awesome. He also recommended someone for the cake who actually works out of a cafe here in our neighborhood! She also uses a lot of local/organic ingredients.

Guest List: Okay, here's where I am a little stressed out already. The ceremony site can seat 85 (I'm sure some can stand, but that's not ideal) and the reception site can accommodate around 120. At first I thought this wouldn't be a problem. Neither Kristel and I want a huge formal affair since we are not formal affair kind of people. But, when we first brainstormed the list it was at 152. This includes my list, her list, our list, my mom's list and her dad's list, and a maybe list. We went back again and now it's around 145. This include kids. We are both really kid friendly and don't want to exclude them, but I can't believe there are 25!

I think we'll be okay since around 10% of those you invite don't come, but I'm still a little worried. The other thing I'm not sure about is since the ceremony site can only seat 85, we are going to have to exclude some people who we want at the reception. I'm not sure how to do that??

Dress: Kristo isn't wearing a dress, she's not the dress kind of gal. Currently she's thinking about a white tux, which I think would be totally awesome. So that leaves my attire. I've been looking at dresses online for about a month now and am really not sure what I'm going for. Since the wedding is outside I don't want a real traditional wedding dress. I did go to a giant bridal store last weekend with my mom and tried on 9 dresses! I found one I really liked and I'm hoping to take Kristel back to see it soon. I need to keep looking though because I don't want to become a "two dress bride". I need to make a decision soon, since it can take so long to get it and I know I'll need to have it altered. I'm going to some consignment shops and such and see if I find anything there. I'm a little weary of buying my dress off the internet, but there sure are a lot of deals. Sigh...I'll figure it out.

So, that's about it for now I think. :)
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Welcome to our wedding lj!
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